500 Afghan schools downed shutters: Karzai

Kabul: More than 500 schools have downed shutters in Afghanistan due to threats by militants, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said today, but asserted that authorities will not be cowed down by such threats.

"Students and teachers are being harmed", Karzai said, as he appealed the armed groups including Taliban to desist from forcibly closing schools. "Once again I want call up opposition armed groups and Taliban that they should stop closing schools, this is enmity with the Afghan people and their future," he said.

Afghan president said that with all progresses and achievements that his country gained so far, still his country is in the list of non-progressed countries of the world. The only way to come out of all these miseries and rescuing our nation from the current problems that we have would be having well educated people in our country.

The President who was speaking to students of the Amani high school announced that "This year we will send 1,000 high school graduate students for higher education to India and Turkey from our government badge". He was addressing the gathering of students, teacher and government officials. The school is also the alma mater of the President Karzai.

He also said that students who are in India and Turkey having complains that they cannot get their expenses money on time, Karzai said that his government is working so hard right now to solve all those problems by opening bank accounts to all those students in India and Turkey and they would be able to get their scholarship money on time.