150 climbers scale Everest including Prachanda son

Kathmandu: The big rush to the Everest continued for the second day today with a total of 150 climbers making it to the top of the world, including the son of Nepalese Maoist chief Prachanda and four Indians.

Prakash Dahal, 27, reached atop the 8848 metre high Mount Everest, the world`s highest peak, under the banner of Lumbini-Sagarmatha Peace Expedition, at 8 am, local time, today from the Southern side, according to officials. Along with Dahal, 14 others also scaled the world`s highest peak. Four Indian climbers accompanied by five Sherpa guides, today scaled the world`s highest peak, the Everest, according to the Asian Trekking Pvt Ltd, that organised the expedition.

India`s Lov Raj Dharma Shaatu and Rajendra Singh Pal reached the summit at 4:40 am, local time, while Binita Sore and Megh Lal reached the top of Mount Everest at 6:50 am, local time, according to Ang Tshering Sherpa of the Asian Trekking.

Five Sherpa mountain guides also reached the top of the world under the banner of Eco Everest Spring Expedition 2012. Altogether 64 climbers have reached atop the Everest today from the Nepal side, according to officials.