Kryptos Mobile chosen I-MADE’s official mobile app platform

New Delhi: Bangalore-based mobile platform company, Kryptos Mobile has been selected by the Innovation in Mobile App Development Ecosystem (I-MADE) project as the official mobile app platform.

With this association, Kryptos Mobile will provide its cross-platform mobile application development platform to more than 35,000 Indian institutions and over 20 million college students.

“We are pleased to associate with the prolific I- Made project. We have seen great success in the US and it will be more exciting to see how much success these 35,000 Indian institutions will be able to achieve through their unique mobile application that we helped them built, Ashutosh Bhardvaj, CEO of Kryptos Mobile, said in a statement.

The platform provides a great web experience to students with simple functionalities. It is a very convenient and easy for any university/ college to build their own app via Kryptos platform and to keep modifying the functions according to the requirement, Bhardvaj said.

Kryptos Mobile provides KRYPTOS AppMaker — a cloud-based, self-service mobile app development platform for creating and managing cross-platform native mobile apps without writing software code.

I-MADE is a five-year programme for 35,000 institutions initiated by Entrepreneurship Venture Capital (EVC) and Department of Telecommunications (DoT).

Under this programme, 100 institutes will be selected in Phase I and Phase II will include up to 3,000 institutions to provide Indian entrepreneurs a level playing field to build one million mobile app start-ups.

The app platform supports a variety of mobile software including Android and Apple’s iOS.