Facebook launches new tool to compare campaigns

New Delhi: Facebook is making its cross-device Atlas data available to more advertisers and has launched an “Advanced Measurement” tool that will allow them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns across the social network and other platforms.

The Atlas advertising platform features a suite of tools for marketers to serve, manage, track, and measure the performance of advertisement campaigns.

“Advanced Measurement tools, previously offered by Atlas, will soon be available through Facebook Business Manager — bringing people-based measurement to more marketers through Facebook’s easy-to-use interfaces,” said Facebook in a blog post.

These tools would make it easier to compare the effectiveness of Facebook, Instagram and audience network alongside other publishers.

Over the coming years, the company will make advanced measurement tools available to more Facebook advertisers around the world.

“We will also look to integrate additional measurement tools for performance and brand marketers beneath the advanced measurement umbrella. And, we will start transitioning clients who use our Atlas measurement solutions to our advanced measurement products,” the company added.