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Giant Burmese Python Gets Trapped In Fish Net In Odisha

These images are of an 8-Feet-Long Burmese Python trapped in a fishing-net in Puri. Residents of Bairagi Gorada village in Chandanpur area of Puri district spotted the python struggling after getting entangled in a fishing-net set in a pond near a field.

Snake Struggling With Its Head Stuck Inside Beverage Can Rescued In Odisha

A snake with its head stuck inside a beverage can was rescued in Odisha. The snake was rescued in Chhendipada area of Angul district. The snake was rescued by the snake helpline members while it was struggling and writhing in pain. After rescuing the snake from the spot, the snake helpline member cut the beverage can and freed the snake. The snake was later released into a nearby forest.