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Tag: Sluice Gates

Hirakud Dam
World's Longest Dam Hirakud Longs For A Spillway But When Will Its Limbo End

Hirakud Dam is built across river Mahanadi and has a total of 98 gates - 64 sluice and 34 crest gates to discharge floodwater from the dam.

Odisha To Construct Another Spillway To Discharge Water From Hirakud Dam
Odisha To Construct Another Spillway To Discharge Water From Hirakud Dam

Currently, there are 98 gates, including 64 sluice and 34 crest gates, to release the flood water from Hirakud dam. Around 15 lakh cusec water is released through the 98 gates at a time now.

Additional spillway to enhance water discharge at Hirakud Dam

Sambulpur: An additional spillway will be constructed at the Hirakud reservoir to reduce the pressure and allow more flow of flood waters through the sluice gates of the dam. According to sources, the additional spillway proposed to enhance the flood water discharge capacity of the Hirakud Dam will be funded by the World Bank and […]

7 more gates of Hirakud dam closed

Sambalpur: The Hirakud dam authorities closed seven more gates in a phased manner today. The dam authorities initially closed five gates and later shut down two more today. Earlier on Wednesday evening, three sluice gates of the reservoir were closed. Currently, rainwater is being discharged through 10 sluice gates of the dam. The water level […]

Hirakud opens 5 more gates; water being released through 8 gates

Sambalpur: To keep the water level in check, the Hirakud Dam authorities today opened five more sluice gates to release excess water from the reservoir into the basin due to increase in inflow following heavy rainfall in the upstream of river Mahanadi. The surplus water is currently being released through eight gates. Two gates were […]