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Traders In Odisha
Traders In Odisha Urge Govt To Ease Lockdown Curbs For Savitri Brata, Raja 

With two major festival of Odia calendar- Savitri Brata and Raja- round the corner, garment traders in Odisha have urged the State government to ease the lockdown norms for a few hours a day to run their business for the festive season.

Women observe 'Savitri Brata', pray for long life of husbands

Bhubaneswar: Married women across Odisha today observed ‘Savitri Brata’ for the well-being and long life of their husbands. Since morning, women made beeline at various temples to offer prayers. Traditionally, the day is observed to remember the sacrifice of Savitri, who had saved the life of her husband Satyaban from Yamraj – the God of […]

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Is Savitri Brata Regressive?

The tug of war between tradition and modernity has been a feature of all ages. Contrary to popular perception, it is not always a generational face-off. People of the same generation too differ widely on issues of culture and tradition as this columnist found out during a day-long debate on social media over whether the […]

Women observe ‘Savitri Brata’; pray for long life of husbands

Married women across Odisha celebrated ‘Savitri Brata’ with great devotion and fervor fasting for their husbands on Saturday