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COVID-19: Centre Begins Mapping Of States With Greater Need Of Oxygen

New Delhi: Amid reports of shortage of medical oxygen from various parts of the country, the Centre has clarified that the present availability of “oxygen is sufficient”, however, it has…

Higher Omega-3 levels may help boost cognitive skills in elderly

New York: Older adults with higher levels of key nutrients like Omega-3 in the blood are more likely to have efficient brain connectivity that can boost their cognitive skills, finds a study. The findings, from the University of Illinois (UI), showed that several nutrient biomarkers in the blood like Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, carotenoids, […]

New skin-like sensor maps blood-oxygen levels in body

New York: US engineers have developed a new lightweight, thin and flexible sensor that can map blood-oxygen levels over large areas of skin, tissue and organs, potentially giving doctors a new way to monitor healing wounds in real time. Injuries cannot heal without a constant influx of blood’s key ingredient — oxygen. The device can […]

This ingestible electronic capsule can detect different gases in gut

  Sydney:Scientists have developed an experimental ingestible electronic capsule that can detect gases such as oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide present in the human gut as well as shed light on the microbes that live within it. The capsule provided a potentially powerful diagnostic technique, and could offer unique insights into the effects of diet […]

Scientists find oxygen, aerobic communities in deep-sea sediment

Tokyo: Scientists in Japan and the US have discovered the presence of oxygen and aerobic microbial life in deep-sea sediment, according to a joint release issued on Tuesday. “These findings are very significant as it shows that Earth’s element cycles and the deep sub-seafloor biosphere are much broader than previously thought,” Xinhua quoted the release […]