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Scientists Discover Novel Coronavirus In British Bats

Importantly, RhGB01 is unlikely to pose a direct risk to humans, because the receptor binding domain (RBD) is not compatible with being able to infect human cells.

Centre issues guidelines for restarting manufacturing units post lockdown

New Delhi: As the restrictions are being gradually eased in some zones to bring the economy back on track, the Centre has issued fresh “guidelines for restarting manufacturing industries after lockdown”, advising them not to try to achieve high production targets. In order to minimize the risk and to encourage a successful restart of industrial […]

India Ramps Up Production Of COVID-19 Protective Gears, Medical Equipment

New Delhi: India has ramped up production of COVID-19 protective gears and medical equipment giving a boost to its fight against the novel coronavirus and reducing its dependency on foreign countries for these items which are in high demand globally due to the pandemic. The Centre on Friday said it has placed an order for […]

Donald Trump Warns China Of Consequences If Found Responsible For COVID19

Washington: US President Donald Trump has warned China of consequences if it was “knowingly responsible” for the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Trump, who has expressed his disappointment over the handling of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by China, alleged non-transparency and initial non-cooperation with the US on this issue. “If they were knowingly responsible, […]