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Study Reveals Mouthwash Can Kill COVID-19 Virus In 30 Seconds

London: Mouthwash can kill coronavirus within 30 seconds of being exposed to it in a laboratory conditions, a scientific study has found. The study this time from Cardiff University in the UK, which has not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a medical journal, found that some mouthwashes could help to kill the Coronavirus in […]

Daily Mouthwash May Inactivate Human Coronaviruses: Study

New York: In a fight against the novel coronavirus, scientists have found that certain oral antiseptics and mouthwashes may have the ability to inactivate human coronaviruses. The results, published in the Journal of Medical Virology, indicate that some of these products might be useful for reducing the amount of virus in the mouth after infection […]

Mouthwash use reduces the benefits of exercise

London: Researchers have found that the blood pressure-lowering effect of exercise is significantly reduced when people rinse their mouths with antibacterial mouthwash, rather than water – showing the importance of oral bacteria in cardiovascular health. “Scientists already know that blood vessels open up during exercise, as the production of nitric oxide increases the diameter of […]

Excess use of toothpaste by kids leads to tooth decay, says study

New York: Many young kids who use toothpaste more than needed are at an increased risk of dental fluorosis when they get older, warns a new study. Fluorosis is a condition that affects the teeth caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first eight years of life. Fluoride is a mineral found in water and […]

Regular use of mouthwash may trigger diabetes risk

New York: Most of us are in the habit of using mouthwash at least once or twice daily, as a part of oral hygiene. But are you aware that your routine may spike the sugar level in your blood within no time? People who use mouthwash at least twice daily are at approximately 55 per […]