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Instagram will automatically restrict sensitive content for new teen users

Instagram said it is testing a new way to encourage teens to update their safety and privacy settings.

  • Friday, 26 August 2022
Instagram confirms it is working to turn video posts into Reels

If your account is set to private, your Reel will only be visible to your followers, it added.

  • Friday, 01 July 2022
Instagram tests new feature for disappearing content

The feature could help to highlight important messages from friends that they do not want to be lost in the inbox and could offer more visibility than posting to Stories.

  • Friday, 24 June 2022
Instagram To Shut Down Threads By Year End
Instagram Tests Feature To Let Users Pin Posts To Their Profile

The feature could also be useful for creators who post frequently but want to highlight a specific post.

  • Wednesday, 27 April 2022
Instagram Bumps Up 'Daily Time Limit' Option

'Take a Break' is a feature that shows up for people, as they have been scrolling for a certain amount of time.

  • Tuesday, 22 February 2022
Instagram Rolls Out Bulk Delete Features, Security Checkup Worldwide

Users can also use this to find content that they have recently deleted or archived, check out your search history, see the links they have visited and the amount of time spent on the platform and download information.

  • Wednesday, 09 February 2022
Instagram Likely To Allow Users To Post 60-Second Videos On Stories
Instagram Likely To Allow Users To Post 60-Second Videos On Stories

As per the report, the photo-sharing platform is also testing a revamped interface for posting Stories that will make it easier to mention other accounts or add a location to a post.

  • Thursday, 16 December 2021
Instagram Testing Music In Feed Posts In 3 Countries, Including India
Instagram Testing Music In Feed Posts In 3 Countries, Including India

This feature is being tested with a small percentage of Instagram's global community and expanded based on the learning and feedback from the Instagram community.

  • Thursday, 18 November 2021
Instagram Letting People Publicly Participate In Stories

The tool could help Instagram boost engagement at a time when it's reportedly losing users, especially younger ones, to competing platforms like TikTok.

  • Tuesday, 02 November 2021
Instagram Announces New Feature To Let Users Co-Author Same Posts

"With 'Collab', you can invite a collaborator to your Feed Post and Reels and so they can share the content with their followers," the company noted.

  • Wednesday, 20 October 2021
Instagram 'Favourites' Will Allow Users To Prioritise Accounts In Their Feed

Any accounts set as a favourite will appear higher in the feed, regardless of their popularity or other signals used by the algorithm.

  • Sunday, 12 September 2021
Instagram Asking Users' Birth Date To Enforce Child Safety Measures

This information also allows the platform to personalise user experience.

  • Tuesday, 31 August 2021
Instagram Can Now Automatically Translate Text In Stories

Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform said that the new translation feature will be available globally.

  • Thursday, 22 July 2021
Twitter-inspired Instagram working on 'Exclusive Stories' feature
Twitter-Inspired Instagram Working On 'Exclusive Stories' Feature

Inspired by the upcoming Super Follows feature of Twitter, Instagram is now working on a tool that will let creators post exclusive content to their Instagram stories only available to subscribers.

  • Thursday, 01 July 2021
Instagram May Soon Allow Users To Post From Desktop

Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram added the ability to view Stories on the web in 2017 and added direct messaging to desktop late last year.

  • Friday, 25 June 2021