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Healthy Diet Can Lower Risk Of Hearing Loss

New York: Researchers have found that eating a healthy diet may reduce the risk of acquired hearing loss. Using longitudinal data collected in the Nurses’ Health Study II Conservation of Hearing Study (CHEARS), researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in US, examined three-year changes in hearing sensitivities and found that women whose eating patterns adhered […]

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Hearing loss before 50 may increase drug abuse risk

New York: People below 50 years who suffer from hearing loss are more likely to misuse opioids, alcohol and other drugs than their peers who have no such disorder, say researchers. The findings showed adults under 35 years with a hearing loss were 2.5 times more likely to have a prescription opioid use disorder. In […]

Tracking heart rate can help detect hearing loss early

Sydney: Assessing human hearing ability by tracking the heart rate can lead to early detection of hearing loss that can help in the development of communication and language skills, say researchers. The team, from the Bionics Institute medical research facility in Australia, measured heart rate with a brain imaging method called functional near-infrared spectroscopy. The […]

Hearing loss may up cognitive decline with age, says study

New York: Hearing impairment is associated with accelerated cognitive decline with age, though the impact of mild hearing loss may be lessened by higher education, researchers say. The findings suggest that those with more serious hearing impairment had worse performance at the initial visit on a pair of commonly used cognitive assessment tests. However, the […]

This drug therapy offers hope for patients with hearing loss!

New York: Scientists have developed a drug that could partially restore hearing in patients with an inherited form of progressive deafness. “We were able to partially restore hearing, especially at lower frequencies, and save some sensory hair cells,” said Thomas B. Friedman from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), National Institutes […]

New drugs may help prevent hearing loss

New York: Researchers have found that inhibiting a new enzyme protects mice and rats from noise or drug-induced hearing loss. The study suggests that CDK2 inhibitors prevent the death of inner ear cells, which has the potential to save the hearing of millions of people around the world. A team of researchers screened over 4,000 drugs […]

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Hearing loss may indicate memory impairment for some

Los Angeles: Elderly people with a certain type of hearing loss may be more likely to also have memory loss and thinking problems called mild cognitive impairment, says a study. The study, presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 70th Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, looked at people with peripheral age-related hearing loss, which is […]

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Infants with heart operation risk deafness

New York: Children who have undergone heart surgery as infants may risk hearing loss by the age of four, in addition to poor language skills and cognitive problems, researchers have found. Researchers discovered that around 21 per cent of 348 pre-schoolers, who had survived cardiac surgery, suffered hearing loss. This rate was 20 times higher […]

Novel method may prevent hearing loss in kids by 50%

London: Researchers have developed a new magnetic delivery method that may prevent by 50 per cent the hearing loss caused as a result of treatment by a widely used chemotherapy drug. Cisplatin is commonly used to treat childhood cancers but can lead to permanent or severe high frequency hearing loss in nine out of 10 children […]

Fake disability certificate to Gouda aide's wife: CB grills ENT doctor

Bhubaneswar: As part of its investigation into the fake gazette notification scam involving arrested former Assistant Director of Factories (Medical) Dr Motilal Gouda, Crime Branch sleuths today grilled an ENT doctor of the Capital Hospital here. The state investigating agency grilled Dr Santosh Panda in connection with the issuance of a fake disability certificate to […]

New antibiotic could curb hearing loss

New York: A new version of a common antibiotic could eliminate the side effects associated with the drug – risk of hearing loss and kidney damage, a new research has found. Treatment with aminoglycosides, the most commonly used class of antibiotics worldwide, is often a lifesaving necessity. But an estimated 20-60 percent of all patients […]