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Indian Ocean level rising faster than the global estimate

New Delhi: Global warming is leading to an accelerated rise of the sea level in the north Indian Ocean as compared to the global estimate, Parliament was informed on Monday. Recent studies by Indian scientists had revealed that the trend of sea level rise in the north Indian Ocean is slightly higher than the global estimate […]

  • Monday, 05 July 2021
UN chief calls on world to back Paris climate deal

New York: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called on all leaders of government, business, and civil society to back the Paris climate change agreement and take actions to slow down global warming. In his first major speech on climate action on Tuesday, Guterres promised that he will intensify high-level political engagement to “raise the bar” on […]

  • Monday, 05 July 2021
Donald Trump
Trump signs order overhauling Obama's attempts to slow climate change

Washington: US President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order rolling back Obama-era rules aimed at tackling global warming. The order seeks to suspend, rescind or flag for review more than a half-dozen measures in an effort to boost domestic energy production in the form of fossil fuels. As part of the roll-back, Trump […]

  • Monday, 05 July 2021
Oceans slowed down global warming reveals a study on climate change

Washington: In the recent years, extra heat from greenhouse gases has been trapped in the subsurface waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans accounting for the slowdown in the global surface temperature increase observed during the past decade, shows a study. The climate researchers from University of California, Los Angeles and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory […]

  • Tuesday, 22 June 2021
When fish would experience 'mountaineering effect'

Washington: Global warming would result in warmer water temperatures that would in turn speed up the aquatic animals’ metabolic need for oxygen. But the warmer water will hold less of the oxygen needed to fuel their bodies, similar to what happens at high altitudes, warns a new University of Washington (UW) study. It’s the combination […]

  • Tuesday, 22 June 2021
IMF Proposes Setting Up Of An Int'l Carbon Price Floor

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has proposed to set up an international carbon price floor to help limit global warming and achieve the transition toward low carbon growth over this decade.

  • Saturday, 19 June 2021
Plant A Tree, Get Married; UP Village Makes Tree Plantation Mandatory For Newlyweds
Plant A Tree, Get Married; UP Village Makes Tree Plantation Mandatory For Newlyweds

"The initiative has already started with the first couple who got married after the recent decision, has planted a sapling and resolved to care for it like their first born."

  • Sunday, 13 June 2021
Tackle biodiversity, climate crises together: Experts
Tackle Biodiversity, Climate Crises Together: Experts

Biodiversity loss and climate change are both driven by human economic activities and mutually reinforce each other. Neither will be successfully resolved unless both are tackled together.

  • Thursday, 10 June 2021
Zika Virus
1billion people could be exposed to dengue, Zika by 2080

New York: Global warming could expose as many as a billion people to mosquito-borne diseases including dengue and Zika by 2080, says a new study that examined temperature changes on a monthly basis worldwide. The study found that with the rise in temperature, dengue is expected to have a year-round transmission in the tropics and […]

  • Sunday, 02 May 2021
Column: Small Sacrifice For A Big Cause

By Ashutosh Mishra London: Climate change is a big issue in this part of the world. The city is currently in the grip of Extinction Rebellion protesters who have launched a two-week long campaign to highlight the dangers of climate change. Members of the eco- justice group, drawn from various parts of England, are everywhere in […]

  • Saturday, 24 April 2021
Global Warming Likely To Increase Illnesses

Sydney: Global warming is likely to increase illnesses caused by undernutrition, due to the effects of heat exposure, researchers have warned. For the study published in the journal PLOS Medicine, the researhers analysed daily hospitalisation data covering almost 80 per cent of Brazil between 2000 and 2015. They studied the link between daily mean temperatures […]

  • Saturday, 24 April 2021
Winter To Be Warmer This Season, Predicts IMD

Bhubaneswar: December is knocking at the door, but winter chill is still missing in Odisha. Not only Odisha, several other states across the country will experience warmer winter this year, as per the India Meteorological Department (IMD). There is a higher probability of above-normal minimum temperature during the winter season, as per IMD’s latest seasonal […]

  • Thursday, 22 April 2021
Indian Railways To Go Green
Railways On Track To Go Green By 2030 With Major Initiatives To Mitigate Global Warming

New Delhi: In a bid to make itself carbon-free by 2030, the Indian Railways has initiated a number of major initiatives to mitigate global warming and combat climate change. In a statement, a railways spokesperson said here that it has completed electrification of more than 40,000 route km (RKM), which is 63 per cent of […]

  • Thursday, 15 April 2021
Global Warming Raising Risk Of Collapsing One-Third Of Antarctic Ice Shelf Area
Global Warming Raising Risk Of Collapsing One-Third Of Antarctic Ice Shelf Area

London: As climate change is making temperatures soar, more than a third of the Antarctic’s ice shelf could be at risk of collapsing into the sea, and causing global sea-levels…

  • Friday, 09 April 2021
Are Earthquakes To Blame For Arctic Warming?

Moscow: The Arctic’s rapid warming could have been triggered by a series of great earthquakes, suggests new research. In the Arctic, one of the factors driving climate warming is the release of methane from permafrost and metastable gas hydrates in the shelf zone. The study published in the journal Geosciences attempted to offer an explanation […]

  • Wednesday, 07 April 2021