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Tag: Dna

Biren Banerjee
'Odisha has highest number of oral cancer patients in the world'

Bhubaneswar: Tobacco is the single most studied cause which leads to cancer and Odisha is the biggest example as it has the highest number of oral cancer patients in the world as per the new oral cancer detection method, said Biren Banerjee, MD of in-DNA Life Science Ptv Ltd, today. Discussing the topic ‘The Current scenario […]

Phosphate-rich food can harm kidneys: Study

Washington: Phosphates artificially added to dairy and cereal products appear to cause more of an increase in blood phosphorus levels than naturally occurring phosphates, and potentially put harmful stress on kidneys, says a new study. Phosphorus as an element is crucial for life and it helps form the backbone of DNA and RNA. But too […]

bee 2
'Bee soup' could help save bees: Study

London: Crushing up bees into a ‘DNA soup’ could help conservationists understand and even reverse the decline of their population, a new study says. Research shows that collecting wild bees, extracting their DNA and directly reading the DNA of the resultant ‘soup’ could finally make large-scale bee monitoring programmes feasible. This would allow conservationists to […]

Bursting into laughter easily could be in your DNA

New York: If your wife immediately bursts into laughter after a humorous moment, while you barely manage to crack a smile, this could be due to her genes, new research says. The researchers demonstrated that people with a certain genetic variant smiled or laughed more while watching cartoons or subtly amusing film clips than others. […]

Mechanism behind human ageing revealed

New York: A new research has linked the ageing process to the deterioration of tightly packaged bundles of cellular DNA. Scientists in the US found that the genetic mutations underlying Werner syndrome – a disorder that leads to premature ageing and death — resulted in the deterioration of bundles of DNA known as heterochromatin. The […]

Why humans are affected less by retroviral infections

Compared to other mammals, the proportion of humans infected with retroviruses is less and we have fewer remnants of viral DNA in our genes, a new research has found

Researchers detect new role for proteins

New York: A study has shown for the first time that the building blocks of proteins can be assembled without instructions from DNA or messenger RNA (mRNA). A protein, Rqc2, was found playing a role similar to that of mRNA and specifying which amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, to be added in cell […]

Advance in gene therapy for rare form of blindness

A groundbreaking experiment to treat a rare form of inherited blindness has notched up startling success in early tests on half a dozen volunteers, doctors reported today