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Tag: Dinosaur

First tree-dwelling birds died with dinosaurs

London: The asteroid that killed dinosaurs 66 million years ago, also led to the extinction of the first tree-dwelling birds, finds a study. The asteroid that crashed to Earth with a force one million times more than the largest atomic bomb decimated the planet’s forests as well as its canopies. With no more perches, the […]

Fossil of Thailand's biggest ever dinosaur found

Bangkok: A fossil of a dinosaur, believed to be the biggest ever found in Thailand, has been discovered in the country’s northeastern region, said a senior government official on Thursday. More than 20 pieces of the fossil of the herbivorous dinosaur have been discovered, after one piece was discovered by a villager last year in […]

Early dinosaur cousins had crocodile-like features: Study

New York: Paleobiologist’s dicovery of the teleocrater rhadinus — the earliest-known dinosaur relative — has overturned popular predictions as the six-foot-long lizard-like creature was found to have walked on four legs like a crocodile and was not dinosaur-like. For decades, scientists have wondered what the earliest dinosaur relatives looked like. Most assumed that they would […]

Dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals, says study

New York: Dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals that had many traits in common with mammals, claims a new study. The study counters other theories which say dinosaurs were either cold-blooded and reptile-like, or occupied a unique intermediate category of animals that were neither fully cold nor warm-blooded. “Upon re-analysis, it was apparent that dinosaurs weren’t just […]

Dinosaur with bat-like wings found in China

London: Close on the heels of the discovery of T Rex’s “bizarre” cousin, scientists have now found a dinosaur with bat-like wings. The fossils, discovered by a farmer in his field in the Qinglang county of Hebei province in China, will help to shed new light on the evolution of flight, scientists said. Paleontologists in […]

Living dinosaurs found in Asia are usually arrested

I hate bugs. When I was a kid I heard a radio news report about "the 100-metre butterfly" and spent years avoiding parks. Only when I reached my teens did I learn it was the name of a swimming race