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Dongria Kondh Tribes In Odisha Refuse To Undergo Covid Test
Dongria Kondh Tribes In Odisha Refuse To Undergo Covid Test

The Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group (PVTG) expressed open reluctance to the diagnosis at a medical camp which was set up following reports that several members were afflicted with coronavirus. A total of 19 people belonging to the Dongaria Kondh tribe are affected by the disease.

COVID-19 Stigma: Newborn Dies, Mother Serious After Doctors Denies Treatment In Kandhamal
COVID-19 Stigma In Odisha: Newborn Dies, Mother Critical As Doctor Fails To Turn Up

Kandhamal: It seems repeated exhortations by the government to curb COVID-19 stigma haven’t had much impact on the society as the social evil is still quite prevalent in many parts of Odisha. In another appalling instance of inhumanity, a doctor allegedly did not turn up to treat a pregnant woman fearing coronavirus contamination which later […]

COVID-19 Stigma: Family Ostracised After Video Journalist tests Positive For COVID-19
Odisha Family 'Ostracised' After Video Journalist Tests Positive For COVID-19

Cuttack: Despite repeated exhortations from the government to curb COVID-19 stigma, the social evil seems to be quite prevalent in many parts of the State. In a fresh instance, a city-based video journalist has allegedly fallen prey to such inhuman behaviour. As per reports, the family of the video journalist, who tested positive for the […]

COVID-19 Stigma: Pregnant Woman Denied Treatment, Delivers Baby At Bus Stand In Nayagarh
COVID-19 Scare: Pregnant Woman 'Denied Treatment,' Delivers Baby At Bus Stand In Odisha

Nayagarh: During the distressing times of pandemic, reports of inhuman conduct & medical negligence continue to add to the woes and misery. A pregnant woman at Rajasunakhala area in Nayagarh district became the latest victim of such negligence after she had to deliver a baby girl at a bus stand on allegedly being denied treatment […]

COVID-19 Stigma: Odisha Man Dies After Wriggling In Pain For 20 Hours As Ambulance Denies Service

Bhubaneswar: Apart from pushing the economy off the cliff, Coronavirus pandemic has also triggered a serious humanitarian crisis in the country like never before. Such blatant discrimination act fuelled by the stigma of this pandemic is evident from an incident in Odisha where a man succumbed to the inhumane and hostile feelings of people. The […]