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COVID-Specific Antibodies Remain In Breast Milk For 10 Months Post Infection
COVID-Specific Antibodies Remain In Breast Milk For 10 Months Post Infection

The Secretory Immunoglobulin A (IgA) sticks to the lining of babies' respiratory and intestinal tracts, and helps to block viruses and bacteria from entering their bodies.

Exercise Increases Benefits Of Breast Milk For Babies

New York: Even moderate exercise during pregnancy increases a compound in breast milk that reduces a baby’s lifelong risks of serious health issues such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease, say researchers. “We’ve done studies in the past that have shown that maternal exercise improves the health of offspring, but in this study, we wanted […]

Breastfeeding May Lead To Fewer Human Viruses In Infants

New York: Even small amounts of breast milk strongly influences the accumulation of viral populations in the infant’s gut and provides a protective effect against potentially pathogenic viruses, according to a new study. The findings expand upon prior research that suggests that breastfeeding plays a key role in the interaction between babies and the microbial […]

Breast Milk Boosts Brain Development In Babies

New York: With maternal factors, such as breast milk, having been shown to affect a baby’s development, now researchers have found that the carbohydrate, the oligosaccharide 2’FL, found in breast milk enhances cognitive development. In this cohort study of 50 mothers and their babies, the researchers analysed breast milk composition and frequency of feeding at […]

Breast Milk May Prevent Heart Disease In Preterm Babies

London: Researchers have found that early use of breast milk could play a vital role in preventing heart disease in prematurely born infants. One of the long-term health complications that young adults born prematurely may have is unique heart characteristics. These can include smaller heart chambers, relatively higher blood pressure, and a disproportionate increase in […]

Breast milk, saliva can boost oral health in babies

Sydney: Besides being a source of nutrition, breast milk also plays an important role in shaping a healthy oral microbiome in babies, suggests a study. The study, led by Queensland University of Technology (QUT), showed that the growth of some microbes was inhibited for up to 24 hours following breast milk and saliva mixing. This […]

Breast milk may boost brain development of premature babies

London: Premature babies fed with breast milk are more likely to have better brain development than those fed on formula milk, a new study has found. According to studies, pre-term birth is associated with changes in the part of the brain’s structure that helps brain cells to communicate with one another, known as white matter. […]

Prebiotics in formula milk may boost babies' memory skills

New York: While breast milk is considered the best, for mothers for whom breastfeeding is difficult or impossible adding prebiotics to the formula milk could enhance memory and learning in babies, researchers suggest. Among other benefits, breast milk contains natural sources of prebiotics: small, indigestible fibre molecules that promote the growth of good bacteria in […]