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Tag: Bacteria

This Bacteria To Fight Climate Change, Soil Pollutants

New York: Researchers have found a new species of soil bacteria that is particularly adept at breaking down organic matter, including the cancer-causing chemicals that are released when coal, gas, oil and refuse are burned. The newly discovered bacteria belong to the genus Paraburkholderia madseniana, which are known for their ability to degrade aromatic compounds […]

Eating this bacteria may cut heart disease risk

London: Researchers have discovered that the use of a pasteurised form of Akkermansia muciniphila-an intestinal bacteria provides greater protection from various cardiovascular disease risk factors. According to the findings published in the journal Nature Medicine, the research team from the University of Louvain developed a clinical study in order to administer the bacteria to humans. […]

Researchers identify molecule effective in killing tuberculosis bacteria

Pretoria: Researchers have found a molecule that is effective against tuberculosis, says a new study on mice. In the study, the group describes how it worked when tested in vitro and in a mouse model. Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). This airborne pathogen tends to infect the lungs and is […]

Some nose, throat bacteria less likely to develop into flu: Study

New York: US researchers have identified a cluster of nose and throat bacteria that made their hosts less likely to get flu. The researchers from the University of Michigan (UM) looked at samples of nose and throat bacteria and used DNA sequencing to identify which bacteria were present. Analysing the bacterial composition across all samples, […]

Here's how gut bacteria can curb harmful effects of high BP

London: To a large extent our well-being depends on what bacterial guests in our digestive tract consume as researchers have found that beneficial gut microbes can produce from dietary fibre a fatty acid called propionate which can protect against the harmful consequences of high blood pressure. The substance calms the immune cells that drive up […]

Over 6,000 antibiotic resistance genes in gut bacteria identified

London: Researchers have identified over 6,000 antibiotic resistance genes found in bacteria that inhabit the human gut, which is home to trillions of micro-organisms, mainly bacteria. “Most gut bacteria live in a harmless relationship with the human host. However, the gut is also home to bacteria that can cause infections in hospitalised patients,” said one […]

8,000 new combinations identified to slow down antibiotic-resistant bacteria

New York: Biologists have identified over 8,000 new combinations of antibiotics that are surprisingly more effective at killing harmful bacteria than the prevailing ones. Scientists have traditionally believed that combining more than two drugs to fight harmful bacteria would yield diminishing returns. The prevailing theory is that the incremental benefits of combining three or more […]

kids and medicines
Combining antibiotics may help kill deadly bacteria

Los Angeles: In a promising find, a team of biologists at the University of California-Los Angeles has discovered thousands of four-and five-drug combinations of antibiotics that are more effective at killing harmful bacteria than the prevailing views suggested. The findings, published in the journal npj Systems Biology and Applications, could be a major step toward […]

Eating probiotics likely to help prevent depression

London: Besides keeping your gut healthy, consuming a diet rich in probiotics — also called as “good” or “helpful” bacteria — may help protect against depression, finds a mice study. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for health, especially the digestive system. The findings showed that rats which lived solely on the […]

Link found between gut bacteria and stroke

London: Imbalances in the good and bad bacteria in the gut of the elderly causes inflammatory responses that are linked to age-related conditions such as stroke, dementia and cardiovascular disease, a research has showed. The findings showed that chronic inflammation causes imbalances, or “dysbiosis” of gut bacteria that results in “bad” bacteria being more dominant […]

New vaccine can put an end to pneumonia: Study

New York: A new study suggests that through an experimental vaccine which targets the cause or bacteria responsible for pneumonia has the ability to reduce the number of fatalities caused due to the disease. The vaccine provoked an immune response to 72 forms of Streptococcus pneumonia in laboratory tests on animals, according to the study […]

Scientists use bacteria to detect cancer, diabetes

Washington: Two research teams said they have used Escherichia coli (E. coli) as diagnostic tools to detect liver cancer and diabetes. In the first study, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of California at San Diego used a harmless strain of E. coli called Nissle 1917, which is marketed as […]