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Vast Cracks Free Huge Iceberg In Antarctica
Vast Cracks Free Huge Iceberg In Antarctica

London: Almost a decade after scientists at British Antarctic Survey (BAS) first detected growth of vast cracks, a huge iceberg, more than 20 times the size of Manhattan, in Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf has now broken off. The first indication that a calving event was imminent came in November 2020 when a new chasm — […]

Melting ice shows through at a cliff face at Landsend, on the coast of Cape Denison in Antarctica
Gigantic Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica

Canberra: Australian scientists have used satellite imagery to capture the image of a gigantic iceberg breaking away from the Amery Ice Shelf in east Antarctica. Scripps Institution of Oceanography Professor Helen Amanda Fricker said on Tuesday: “We first noticed a rift at the front of the Ice Shelf in the early 2000s and predicted a […]