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Air pollution may damage brain

New York: Long-term exposure to air pollution may lead to loss of white matter in the brain, a research has found. White matter in the brain is made of axon cells, which enable the nerves to communicate. In a new study, older women who lived in places with higher air pollution had significantly reduced white […]

Air pollution puts kids at allergy risk

Toronto: Exposure to outdoor air pollution during the first year of life increases the risk of developing allergies to food, mould, pets and pests, says a study. The sensitivity to allergens is associated with exposure to traffic-related air pollution during infancy, the findings showed. “This is the first study to find a link between air […]

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Air pollution as toxic as cigarette smoke for pregnant women

Moms-to-be note! Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy may be as harmful as second hand smoking, a new study has warned