Wrestling: BJP asks govt to intervene for ‘national pride’

New Delhi: The Indian opposition Bharatiya Janta Party today termed the dropping of Wrestling as a sporting events in the 2020 Olympics as an "international conspiracy" and urged the Indian government to intervene in the interest of "national pride".
Wrestlers under the aegis of Wrestling Federation of India today met BJP President Rajnath Singh to seek political support for keeping wrestling as a sport in Olympics.
The International Olympics Committee (IOC) has decided to drop wrestling as a sporting event from the 2020 Olympics and a decision to this effect was announced recently.
Rajnath Singh later said that there should be no politics in this as wrestling was considered pride of the nation and the country had won many medals in the Olympics in the sporting event.
"It is an international conspiracy. The Indian government should intervene to retain wrestling as a sport in Olympics so that India can participate in the sporting event," Rajnath Singh said.
"This should not be seen with any political motive. It is a question of India's prestige. India has won a number of medals in wrestling in the olympics.
"It is an issue of national pride. Leaders of all political parties should play their role in inclusion of wrestling in Olympics," Singh said.
A number of wrestlers including general secretary of the Wrestling Federation of India Raj Singh and vice president Ashok Aggarwal, besides Satpal Pahalwan and others met Rajnath Singh at his residence and seek his support in retaining it as a sporting event in 2020 Olympics.