VK Malhotra named IOA acting president

New Delhi: A day after his arrest on corruption charges, Suresh Kalmadi`s 15-year tenure as the IOA president came to an abrupt end after he was sacked from the post and veteran sports administrator VK Malhotra was `unanimously` named as the acting president.

The swift action to end Kalmadi`s reign as the supremo was taken by the IOA officials in a meeting chaired by Malhotra himself, citing clause 13B of the constitution which empowers the vice-president to take interim charge in the absence of the president.

Malhotra said he will call a meeting of the IOA Executive Board at the earliest in consultation with the Secretary General Randhir Singh, who is out of town, and discuss the situation arising out of the arrest of Kalmadi.

"IOA constitution is very clear, there cannot be vacuum and work of the IOA will have to continue.