Shahid Afridi punches fan at Karachi airport

Karachi: Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi rained slaps and punches on a fan after an unruly crowd jostled his three-year-old daughter at the airport here on Friday.

The incident occurred when Afridi was emerging from the airport on his return from Bangladesh, where the Pakistani team won the final of the Asia Cup tournament on Thursday.

A crowd of fans who were trying to get Afridi`s autograph pushed his daughter and she fell to the ground, the cricketer`s brother told the media. Afridi then lost his cool and began slapping and punching some fans.

Footage on television showed an angry Afridi, dressed in a pink T-shirt, also tried to kick the fan before his brother Mushtaq got in the way and prevented the situation from getting out of hand.

He was also seen scolding another fan and threatening to slap him before he got into the waiting car. Later, Afridi admitted that what he did at the airport was wrong but he couldn`t take it when his daughter was pushed to the ground.

"I know what I did was wrong. I should have controlled myself. But I couldn`t take it when my daughter was pushed to the ground," Afridi told "Dawn News" channel.

"But when my daughter who was waiting for me near my car got pushed by fans trying to get near me I lost my temper," he said.

Shahid`s brother said that the man involved in the incident was not a fan. "I wouldn`t describe him as a fan Shahid can never think of hurting a fan," he said.