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Richards blames Board-player feud

Kingston: Former captain Vivian Richards has blamed the never-ending feud between the Board and the Players` Association for the deplorable state in which West Indian cricket finds itself at the moment.

Richards believes the many off-field issues including contract disputes, which plague West Indies cricket, are used as an excuse by the players for their on-field performance.

“The players who are involved, such as the administrators and WIPA, must come to a common consensus if they intend to have something sold in the future to represent, because at present things are going downhill,” Richards said.

“With all the squabbling and the personalities, at the end of the day they are the ones who will be responsible for the direction cricket takes”.

“There are issues to be dealt with on both sides of the coin. When you have two parties involved, like WIPA and the West Indies Cricket Board, there are definitely some issues and some personalities involved. They have to put away all the personal stuff and realise that there is one common cause,” the legendary batsman said during a press briefing here.

Richards stressed the sport cannot be overlooked as it plays a key role in uniting the people of the region.

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