Political intervention can revive Indo-Pak cricket

Lahore: Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq believes only political intervention can lead to a resumption of bilateral cricket ties with India and open the doors for his country`s players in the lucrative IPL and Champions League Twenty20.

In an interview to `Geo Super` channel, the batsman said he found it frustrating that cricket ties are getting affected because of politics.

"I don`t think it is in the hands of players or cricket authorities as far as Indo-Pak cricket ties are concerned. I think politics decides ties between the two countries. And only political intervention can lead to a resumption of bilateral ties," he said.

Misbah said it was unfortunate that Pakistan, despite being a top cricket nation, was not being allowed to play in the IPL.

"It does irritate you. But one can`t do anything.

Relations between the two countries are always dictated by political issues."

The national Test and one-day captain also stressed on the need for resumption of regular bilateral ties with India.

"Playing India is very important for us from a cricketing and financial point of view. The more we play against each other the more mature the audiences will also become. There is always something special about playing against India and the players do miss contests against them," he said.

"As such there has been no tensions between players we sit together and we get along. But when we play obviously there is great pressure on both sides because of the hype and expectations that come from a Indo-Pak match," Misban added.

Misbah made it clear he had no clear time-line in his mind about retiring from the game.

The 37-year old said he would continue to play as long as he was fit and able to do justice to his team.

"I don`t want to hang around preventing some young player from coming in. The day I feel enough is enough and I am not doing justice I will quit.

"I am only going on in international cricket because at my age I am still passionate about the sport and see playing at the top level as a big challenge."