Political crisis will not harm Rio Olympics: Rousseff

Rio de Janeiro: Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff inaugurated an Olympic aquatics stadium here, insisting her country would not have any difficulties hosting the event.

“Today, Brazil is facing a climate of bad temper,” Xinhua quoted Rousseff as saying on Friday at the inauguration ceremony.

“I feel this climate is not interesting for the country when it needs to return to political and economic stability,” Rousseff said.

The president called for “dialogue” and “consensus” to solve her country’s current political crisis, referring to the Olympics as “a symbol and an example for Brazil, which shows what people can do when they unite for the good of the Brazilian people.”

“If we are capable of organising the Olympics and the Paralympics, we are also capable of returning our country to growth,” she added.

The president is set for a difficult week ahead of an pending impeachment vote at the lower house of Brazil’s Congress slated on April 17.

If two-thirds of deputies vote for impeachment, the measure would go to the Senate for a further vote.