No wild, night-long celebrations for Indian team

Mumbai: It was not a long, wild and boisterous celebrations for the Indian team — more an emotional one where families of some of the players were also present.

Moments after captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni brought about the winning runs, emotional and poignant scenes unfolded at the renovated Wankhede Stadium here as the players hugged each other and picked up the stumps as souvenir to cherish the unforgettable moment.

After the lap of honour and the Cup presentation ceremony in front of a delirious capacity crowd, the celebrations were confined to the dressing room where Champagne bottles were uncorked and all the players were drenched.

Apart from hugging each other and exchanging pleasantries, the tired players had dinner and drank Champagne at the dressing room. But there was no celebrations at the team hotel.

"There were no special celebrations at the team hotel since it was too crowded. The players went into their rooms," Team Manager Ranjib Biswal told PTI.

Biswal said most of the celebrations were done at the stadium itself.

"It was a highly emotional moment for the players. It was something they have worked so hard to achieve. So it was very special for all them.

"In the dressing room, there were many players with tears in their eyes. They were so happy. They hugged each other as they cherished the moment. There was plenty of Champagne. They also took photographs," he said.