Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

In an interesting move, football powerhouses Argentina and Uruguay have landed in Qatar with 4,000 pounds of meat. 

These two teams from South America have brought this much of meat to ensure that they do not miss the taste of their home food.

As per reports, Uruguay’s National Institute of Meat (INAC) has signed a deal with Uruguay Football Association to supply meat for the national team. 

“The national team is being accompanied by the best nourishment. The Uruguay Football Association is a historic ambassador of our country and will take with it another ambassador, which is Uruguayan meat, the best meat in the world,” Uruguay Football Association’s president Ignacio Alonso said during an interview.

Notably, ‘Asado’ is one of the popular meals made out of meat in Argentina and Uruguay. Argenti’s 72-team delegation at the World Cup enjoyed ‘Asado’ following their emphatic victory over UAE in a warm-up encounter. Uruguay too enjoyed their Asado in Qatar.

As per the team sources, both these teams take a lot of pride in their food and football. They believe that both complement each other. To play good football, Argentina and Uruguay are ensuring good food and nutrition by bringing the huge amount of meat to Qatar with them.