Never understood what amnesty means: Kapil

New Delhi: Kapil Dev is certainly a relieved man after being back into the BCCI fold but the legendary all-rounder still has reservations if one terms his comeback as getting “amnesty from BCCI.”

“I never understood whether the word amnesty is correct or not. May be I am not very intelligent but I checked the dictionary to find the meaning,” said Kapil with a tinge of sarcasm on the sidelines of relaunch function of popular sports magazine `Sportstar`. People had associated the word `rebel` with Indian Cricket League but the 53-year-old said that his stint at the unsanctioned league had been a learning experience for him.

“Whatever people might think, but personally I have learnt a lot. Now I feel more experienced and confident about taking up any responsibility that I am entrusted with,” the former India captain said. He agreed that there were misunderstandings with the BCCI but those have been sorted out now. “I have always believed that there isn`t a single thing that can`t be sorted out if two people sit across the table and talk it out. Even Indo-Pak issue could be sorted out if there is proper dialogue.

“I have never disregarded BCCI as it was, and will remain, my parent body. As a sportsman, my aim was to help sportspersons grow. The idea is to see what is good for sport rather than what`s good for individuals,” Kapil said. When asked whether he is expecting any specific role from the Board, Kapil was non-committal,”I don`t know. It`s for them to decide.”