Nehra hopeful of playing in World T20

New Delhi: Indian fast bowler Ashish Nehra who was recently called back to the national squad for the T20 series in Australia is hoping to be picked up for the World T20 in March and help the youngsters with his experience.

“This is a short tour (in Australia), but whatever little I can help the youngsters, I will. If I can play till the World T20, I will definitely look at that job, I have done it for CSK (Chennai Super Kings in Indian Premier League) and I really enjoyed it,” Nehra was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo on Wednesday.

“Most of the bowlers have different strengths, but you can’t buy experience. I made my debut 17 years ago. In the sub-continent, somebody like me, who has had so many injuries, undergone 10-12 surgeries, still standing there and playing the fastest format of all, it has taught me something which I can pass on to the youngsters and give my experience.”

The 36-year-old veteran pacer believes India have pace bowling talent pool but the youngsters need to be nurtured properly so that they can play for the country for a longer period.

“If somebody says India doesn’t have talent, I won’t agree. But the only thing is you have to look after them well, nurture and support them. When Test cricket is not on and you have 3-4 bowlers who only play T20s and ODIs, you have to keep an eye on them,” he said.

“How to look after fast bowlers is very important, if you want them to sustain for 10-12 years and play for India. When they are young, 90 percent of fast bowlers don’t know what to do. When they mature, sometimes it’s too late.”

He also took a dig at Indian supporters saying: “If I go to Australia and play the World T20 and deliver, people will say ‘Oh he should have been there earlier. If I don’t people will say it was right that they didn’t pick him!’ That’s how it works in India.”

However, Nehra added that he is looking forward to playing in the T20s and says he does not want to live in the past.

“I was surprised when they weren’t picking me for the last 2-3 years to be honest,” he said. “Better late than never, hopefully I can do well, I am just working hard.”