Missing Libyan missiles pose threat to London Oly

London: More than 10,000 shoulder-mounted missiles still unaccounted for after the toppling of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi may pose a threat to 2012 London Olympics.

Security experts have warned that the missing missiles and deadly chemical weapons that have fallen into terrorists` hands could pose a threat to upcoming games – billed as London`s magnum sports show, the Sunday Express reported.

Egyptian authorities have already captured five groups of smugglers taking Libyan weapons toward the border with Israel, the paper said prompting UK security agencies to berth HMS Ocean at Greenwich.

The warship bristling with hi-tech electronic sweepers would carry special sirens which uses a variety of jamming techniques against missiles. The warship deployed on the Thames will carry special snipers, who would use Lynx helicopters in case of emergency.

The news comes as the Ministry of Defence announced details of a vast military presence to protect the Games. But the British ministry of defence denied that enhanced deployment was in response to a "new threat alert".

A spokesman said: "This is still a police-led operation and we are providing no more in terms of security than what had been originally planned."

However, a security consultant, who made a comprehensive risk assessment of the London site last month, said: "We are extremely aware of the issue of missing missiles from Libya."