Leading the team at Lords is a special honour: MSD

London: It`s a privilege for anyone to step on the hallowed turf at the `Home of Cricket` and India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is no exception as he prepares to lead his bunch of world beaters in the first Test at the Lord`s tomorrow.

Dhoni, says that the experience of leading his team out at Lord`s on Thursday will be an honour to rank with anything he has achieved in his glorious career.

"It`s obviously big, leading 15 people who have the expectation of 1.2 billion," Dhoni told the Daily Telegraph.

"It`s an honour, it`s very special. But at the same time it`s an added responsibility. You want the Indian team to win each and every game, which is not possible. Still, that`s what you are expected to do."

The `Captain Cool` during the interview has spoken about how at times he feels like moving far away from the madding crowd on one of his 25 motorbikes.

"If get the chance," he says, "Somewhere in Delhi or Mumbai, I will take my bike out, take the helmet with me and go around for a ride."

The family man in him comes out once he starts talking about his family.

"Since 2005, I have not spent much time with my family," he said, thinking back to the year of his Test debut against Sri Lanka.

"In fact, I have spent more time at the Taj Landsend in Mumbai. It was my 100th visit recently, which means I have spent more than 400 days in that hotel, and that is a lot more than I have spent with my family."