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IPL franchises should report injuries to BCCI

Mumbai: On guard after the Indian cricket team`s injury crisis during its shambolic tour of England recently, IPL authorities have instructed the franchises to report any injury problem in their sides immediately to the BCCI.

IPL boss Rajiv Shukla said he would try to create better coordination between the BCCI and the cash-rich league`s franchises to ensure that players are well taken care of and are not found wanting in fitness on international assignments.

Shukla said the franchises would be told to report players` injuries at the earliest to avoid any hassles later.

"During our meeting with franchises we will emphasise that they pay most attention to these problems and give instruction to the team physios on injury management to avoid injuries," Shukla told PTI in an interview here.

"We will be paying full attention to these problems, we will keep in touch with physios, and various franchises so that any injury should be immediately addressed," he said.

IPL has often been blamed for causing player fatigue and injuries but Shukla said such allegations are unfair.

"In my view, for injuries I don`t think only IPL should be blamed as every team is facing such problems and lot many players got injured during the England series also, so I don`t think IPL should be solely blamed for it," he said.

"But at the same time, the management of injury problems is also on our mind and some concrete steps will be taken to minimise injury problems. There will be perfect coordination between BCCI and various franchises," he added.

The IPL, which started with a bang, has dipped on television popularity charts, if only slightly, but Shukla said TRPs have been satisfactory.

"The broadcasters were quite satisfied with the ratings. TRP is something which is analysed differently, everybody is entitled to have their own interpretation.

"Despite the tournament being immediately after the world cup, there were good numbers of eyeballs and broadcasters were happy and since next year there is no world cup, the whole viewership will further enhance," he said.

On the perception that he was selected IPL Chairman because he was a established politician and had good connections with the franchise owners, Shukla said, "I don`t see my role, put into such kind of perception because I have given BCCI almost 19 years now, when I joined I was a journalist, I didn`t join as a politician."

"Gradually I changed my career but yes, I do maintain good relations with Bollywood also and all the franchise owners are good friends," he added.

Asked if he had any special plans for next edition`s opening ceremony considering his contacts in Bollywood, Shukla said it would certainly more colourful and entertaining.

"The opening ceremony will definitely be an entertaining affair, actually we are planning to enhance the strength and it will be much more entertaining then the previous ones," he said.

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