Ganguly declines to comment on Chappell book

New Delhi: Former India captain Sourav Ganguly on Tuesday declined to react to the comments made by Greg Chappell in his autobiography `Fierce Focus`. "I have no comments to make. I haven`t read the book and I really don`t want to speak on this issue," Ganguly told reporters on Tuesday.

Revealing details of the tumultuous relationship he shared with former captain Ganguly, Chappell who was India coach from 2005-07 revealed that there was "no bigger panicker" than Ganguly and that the left-hander`s idea probably was `you scratch my back, I scratch yours`.

"He expected I would be so grateful to him for getting me the job that I`d become his henchman in his battle to remain captain. I, on the other hand, took on a job with the primary responsibility to Indian cricket and the Indian people," Chappell has stated in his book.