England can hosts tri-series featuring India, Pak: PCB

Karachi: PCB chief Zaka Ashraf has proposed that the England and Wales Cricket Board hosts a one-day tri-series involving Pakistan and India next year, during the recent ICC executive board meeting held in Dubai. A board official said during the ICC meeting, Ashraf had held informal talks with heads of the other boards, including England and India and proposed that England can host a tri-series next year involving Pakistan and India.

"Ashraf`s contention is that the series would be a success in England due to the presence of the big Pakistani and Indian population in the United Kingdom and Europe and secondly it would also pave the way for proper restoration of bilateral ties between Pakistan and India soon," the source added.

During the meeting, the President of the South African cricket board also made an offer to host an ODI series between Pakistan and Australia. "The South African cricket head assured his Pakistani counterpart that Pakistan would incur less expenses compared to if it decided to organize the series at some other neutral venue including UAE," one board official said.

He said while the PCB was keen to get international teams to start touring Pakistan again but was aware of the fact that it might be forced to play the one-day series against Australia once again at a neutral venue. "Since it would be the month of fasting and the weather will be hot during July-August in the UAE that is why Pakistan is looking at other alternate neutral venues as well," he said.