Do not want to get into apology thing: SRK

Mumbai: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who has been slapped with a five-year ban by the MCA on entering the Wankhede grounds here, on Wednesday refused to be drawn into the issue of whether would tender an apology to the cricket body. "I don`t want to get into this whole thing, whether I am going to apologise to the (Mumbai Cricket) Association or not," the Kolkata Knight Riders owner told reporters here.

"If I am walking from here and if you say something which I don`t like… I think fortunately or unfortunately, I am in a position where I should just be more thick skinned and quiet and say, you know what, if I get into this position right now, it will be bad for my family, children, my audience," he said.

"So I will have to be a little more patient or go to less public places, or I should just wear ear muffs. So I apologise for that." On the MCA ban, SRK said, "Whether it is continued or not, every association has their rules and they should follow it and god bless them for that. The audience, which sees me doing roleplay, for them I feel sorry that I said something like that."

"I apologise to the TV audience with folded hands that it was because of me they had to endure the inane and stupid comments of the so-called analysts on television for hours. I am really sorry for that," he said.

The actor clarified that he was not against MCA. "Let me also tell you, my fight is not with an association. "If I am fighting with you, it doesn`t mean my fight is with your TV channel. My fight was with you because you misbehaved with me," he said. Asked if he would tender a written apology, Shah Rukh declined to comment.