Commonwealth Games Fed slams Shunglu report

London: The Commonwealth Games Federation has slammed the Shunglu Committee report on the alleged financial irregularities in the conduct of last year`s Commonwealth Games, saying its statements on the CGF`s role are "inaccurate and unsubstantiated" and lack context.

The Shunglu Committee report, which has indicted Organising Committee chief Suresh Kalmadi and some other top OC officials for financial bunglings, has also questioned the decisions of the CGF President Mike Fennell and its Chief Executive Officer Michael Hooper.

The CGF reacted strongly to the committee`s report and said the statements lack fairness.

"The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) refutes a number of statements relating to it which are contained in the Fifth and Sixth Reports of the High Level Committee on their review into the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 published late last week," the CGF said.

"In so far as the reports relate to the CGF or its role in the organisation of the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, there are numerous statements contained in the reports which are inaccurate and unsubstantiated. Many of the opinions expressed in the report relating to the CGF also lack context and fairness," it added.

The CGF said it acted with "integrity, objectivity and accountability in everything it has done in connection with the Delhi Commonwealth Games."

"Any suggestions of impropriety are unfounded and damaging to the CGF and the individuals against whom they have been directed.

"These reports were published on the website of the Government of India without any comment or input being sought from the CGF. The Committee also acknowledges the short timeframe available to them to prepare the reports. In the CGF`s view, this lack of consultation and proper diligence has resulted in a disappointingly one-sided report which is lacking in any real substance or value," it said.

The CGF also promised to come out with a more detailed response to the report in some time.