Anand draws with Carlsen, stays a point behind

Sochi: Challenger Viswanathan Anand did not get much out of his prepared variation and had to settle for a draw in the eighth round to remain a point behind in the World Chess Championship match against Magnus Carlsen here on Tuesday.

Carlsen, not known for preparation, again matched Anand move for move like the last game and had nothing to worry about as the Indian’s white pieces were neutralised move for move.

The match seems to have tilted in favour of Carlsen post this game as Anand could not produce anything decisive in terms of opening preparation.

As the game started it was clear that Carlsen and his team was happy to get an equal position out of the opening, and while Anand spent too much time on the first few moves, it was clear that the task given to team Carlsen was performed pretty nicely.

The Indian king tried and did not succeed in finding the path to execute some pressure on the Norwegian giant. The end result was a draw.