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Vultures number goes up in Girnar hills

Vadodara: The number of the endangered vultures and their nests have considerably increased in the last two years in the Girnar hills of Junagadh, as per a counting done by a city-based NGO.

There are 131 vultures and 85 nests of the vultures, as compared to 69 long-billed vultures and 24 nests two years ago, Dinesh Goswami of Prakruti NGO told PTI today. "131 vultures were spotted on Girnar hills and in Devaliya park. There were various types of vultures in the Gir forests including Dakugidh, Rajgidh, Kherogidh and Girnarigidh," he added.

"Volunteers of our NGO were engaged in counting of vultures and their nests in Girnar at Junagadh on May 26 and 27. The number shows that there is a considerable increase in the number of vultures and their nests," he said.

The vultures and their nests are present right at the place from where Ropeway Project (for the facility of devotees) is proposed on Girnar hills, he said. Vultures come under schedule (1) of the Wildlife Protection Act.

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