US envoy praises Kaziranga conservation efforts

Guwahati: US Charge d` Affaires Peter Burleigh has praised the wild life conservation efforts in Kaziranga national park which had helped to bring the prized one-horned rhino back from the brink of extinction.

"Kaziranga was an excellent example of how concerted cooperative efforts by government`s and NGOs can revive and expand the important biodiversity that exists in the magnificent environs," he said.

"The reserve also boasts the highest density of tigers in India and the US government remains very supportive of tiger conservations efforts here", Burleigh said during his recent visit to the park, an UNESCO world heritage site, a release issued by the US Consulate in Kolkata said here today.

Touring the interior areas of the park, the US envoy said his government and private donors have contributed to conservation efforts in Assam.

"In fact since 2004, the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) contribute nearly 1,000,000 dollars to support various rhino and tiger conservation programmes in the state," he said.

He emphasised the need to explore areas where the US government and private American foundations can provide further assistance. Returning to the N E region after a decade, the envoy described the area as "dynamic and extremely beautiful".

Visiting the Tezpur university, Burleigh appreciated the institutions effort to develop Assam through targeted employment oriented and inter-disciplinary courses.