TN to promote eco-tourism around Mannavanur Lake

Dindigul: The Tourism department is to promote eco-tourism around Mannavanur Lake, situated further up the hill, at a cost of Rs 60 lakh in view of the congestion prevailing around the Kodaikanal town during the season times.

According to officials, a joint effort by the Tourism and forest department is underway to operate boat service in the lake, surrounded by mountains.The boat service would be operated before the next summer season. Initially the boats of the Tourism department would be used for the purpose, officials said.

The forest department would buy its own boats after the commencement of the summer season. There was also a plan to arrange for trekking for tourists and also set up fencing in some areas where wild animals could be seen from a safe distance.

The tourism, to be promoted here, would not affect the envirnment or the ecology of the forest in any way, officials said. "We have planned eco tourism in consultation with several experts in the field, and in the coming season tourists would be able to enjoy boat ride in the Mannavanur lake, they added.