Sony ‘hear on’ MDR-100AAP headphones: Hi-res audio but comparatively low bass

Japanese electronics giant Sony has always been known for its high quality sound delivery in all its products. The company recently launched its ‘hear on’ series of headphones, among them the MDR-100AAP – priced at Rs.12,990. We got our hands on the over-the-head pair and here is what we think of it:

What is good?

The headphones are designed well and there is no denying its looks. The ear muffs are quite comfortable and one can easily keep them on for longer durations. The earpieces themselves bend so that the headphones are easy to carry and fit into the user’s luggage in spite of the huge muffs. Hence they are comparatively more portable than others.The headband is also quite strong and comes with a sponged exterior which makes wearing it more comfortable.

The MDR-100AAP truly emits high-resolution audio whatever song one throws at it. The headphones come with noise cancellation, echo-proof and surround sound. Watching movies or playing games with this pair was fun as the sound gives the users the feel of being physically present in the scene on screen (either a game or a movie). There were no distortions of audio in any genre of songs although the sound quality in itself could be a problem in certain cases.

Additionally, Sony has gone the extra mile to add a microphone and a button which doubles up as a play/pause or call answer/call reject button. Hence users can take calls on this or even chat on Skype or other such applications with this.

Add all these features and, if you are a headphone person and not a earphone one, then this is the complete package.

What could have been improved?

Although the bass quality seems to be good on the first go, it still can be improved when compared to other elite rivals who have better bass in the same price band.

Verdict: As all Sony products are expensive, we are not going to walk down the path of critiquing the price but if anyone is a music aficionado, then this pair is as good as any in the market.