Software solution for power plants to reduce carbon footprint

Hyderabad: City-based chemicals innovation company Chargewave Energykem Pvt. Ltd has developed a software solution and process for power plants to reduce carbon footprint.

The company claimed that ‘TurCom’ and myriad optimizer chemicals together improve the boiler efficiency to achieve huge reduction in coal/biomass consumption, thereby enabling the industry to contribute to abatement in carbon footprint.

Its CEO P.S. Anand Prakash told reporters here on Monday that plants/boilers employing the TurCom software optimizer chemicals can lower their coal/biomass consumption up to 15 to 20 percent.

“This can be a game-changer for an energy-deficient country like India,” he said.

The company is also looking at exploring the international market.

Chargewave has successfully commissioned projects aimed at improving the direct method boiler efficiency in India and Indonesia, and currently various projects are under execution in Europe, Australia and Philippines.

Recently, the energy auditors at PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), Indonesia, one of the largest coal mines in the world, certified a 9.7 percent reduction in coal consumption using TurCom Software recommendations, which annually amounts to a savings of 3,600 tons of coal, costing about $2,16,000, he said.

The company has developed chemicals that find applications in lowering carbon fuel consumption in rotary kilns, blast furnaces, foundry and rockwool cupolas, and ferro alloy furnaces.