New calorie counting app insults you into losing weight

Washington: A new ‘talking’ smartphone app shames you into counting calories and losing weight through hideous fullscreen ads and tweets.

As users set up Carrot Hunger app, it calls them terms such as ‘meat bag’ and ‘carcass’ to motivate them to lose weight.

When users enter more personal information such as weight, height, and gender, Carrot changes its insults accordingly.

The app converts a food’s calories into terms that are easy to understand, such as how many miles you will need to run to work off a donut or a slice of pizza.

As with other fitness apps, users search for foods in the app’s database and record what they have eaten.

A metre screen fills up as users eat during the day. The app also makes the users’ avatar larger and comes up with an insult every time they eat.

Users can also establish calorie and weight loss goals.

When users overeat, Carrot will serve up punishments like hideous fullscreen ads and tweets that will shame you in front of all your social media pals.

Users can also stick an iBeacon sensor inside their fridge and if they are already over their calorie goal, Carrot will blare an alarm.