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Huge mirrors in the sky to tackle climate change?

London: Putting huge mirrors in the sky is one of the many measures being considered by the United Nations to tackle climate change, a British newspaper said.
Other measures being considered for "geo-engineering" the Earth`s climate include producing lighter coloured crops and using iron filings in the world`s oceans, `The Guardian` reported, citing leaked papers from the UN science body.

The papers, leaked from inside the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, ahead of an expert group meeting in Peru next week, show that 60 scientists will propose a range of measures like spraying sea water into clouds as reflection measure as well as painting streets and roofs white.

Other proposals likely to be suggested include burying charcoal, adding lime to oceans and finding different ways to suck greenhouse gases out of the air and deposit heat deep in to oceans, the newspaper said.

However there is worry among these scientists that even if their plans do work they could cause irreparable damage due to uncertainty surrounding the technology. And the report also details how both the UN and developed nations are "despairing" over trying to reach a consensus ahead of talks.

The meeting is expected to provide governments with a scientific assessment of geo-engineering technologies, but is widely expected to be in favour of more research and possibly largescale experimentation despite an international moratorium adopted by the UN last year in Japan, the report said.

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