Get a Netflix connection to boost your love life

New York: Have you got on-demand video streaming service Netflix connection yet? If not than get one fast as watching uninterrupted favourite TV programmes can not only help you find your soul mate but also boost your romantic life.

According to a survey done by Netflix, a global provider of streaming movies and TV series that now has over 75 million subscribers, 25 percent of people will find someone more attractive based on the TV shows they watch.

It also found that 13 percent would ask someone out solely based on sharing a similar taste in film, Forbes reported.

To reach this conclusion, Netflix asked 1,008 US citizens in the age group 18-39 about their TV choices.

The findings showed that for nearly 27 percent of Netflix users compatibility is the key.

Over half of the participants said that sharing a Netflix account felt like a “serious” step forward in the relationship.

Nearly 17 percent said they would wait until getting engaged or married to share an account.

“About 72 percent of respondents who were married or in a relationship said staying in and watching Netflix together was one of their favourite ways to spend a casual date night,” the report added.

After much anticipation, the popular US service has made its way to India, that too with a free one-month subscription.

After the first month, users can choose between three packs — the basic pack for Rs.500, the standard pack for Rs.650 and the premium pack for Rs.800.

The basic plan allows one person to stream series and movies in standard definition. The standard plan allows two people to simultaneously stream Netflix and in high definition when available.