Electric-powered vehicles may ply on Delhi roads

New Delhi: Delhi could soon have electric-powered vehicles to boost its public transport system, a move aimed at cutting down rising fuel costs and increasing pollution.
A meeting of the High Level Committee on Manufacturing, chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today endorsed the launch of pilot projects for public transport of electric and hybrid vehicles such as three wheelers, mini buses and buses in Delhi, followed by other metros.
Pilot projects would be implemented by city specific special purposes vehicles (SPVs) to be set up for the purpose.
SPV is a legal entity created to fulfil specific objectives.
The first pilot project in Delhi would be targeted for launch next month, a government statement said here.
An Inter-Ministerial Group including Chief Secretary of Delhi would work out implementation modalities in four weeks for the project.
Electric vehicles do not generate pollution and are the key to low carbon transport.
India has the potential to emerge as a global manufacturing hub for electric and hybrid vehicles and the projects would boost the industry.
The meeting was convened to discuss the strategy for boosting competitiveness and output in textiles and steel sectors and for formulating a long-term approach in strategic industries of civilian aircraft manufacture, electric and hybrid vehicles and advanced materials and composites.