Another lion dies at the same zoo in Bhopal

Bhopal: After the death of a 20-year old lion last week, another lion died today due to old age at Van Vihar Zoo and Animal Rescue Centre here, officials said.

With this, two lions died in a short span of a week at the same zoo. Inder died of old age on May 25, while Akbar, which was 21 years old, died this morning, the Zoo Assistant Director A K Khare told PTI.

Akbar suffered a paralytic attack a month ago and wasn`t taking food for the last five days, Van Vihar Veterinarian Dr Atul Gupta said. The animal was on IV fluid since last week, he said.

Akbar had been rescued from Rajkamal Circus in Korba and brought to the rescue centre on October 22, 2006.

He said that the average life span of lion was 15 years.