Advani concerned over pollution in Ganga

Mumbai: Concerned over pollution in country's rivers, including the sacred Ganga, BJP leader L K Advani has asked the chemical industry to find innovative and cost effective ways to stop environmental degradation.

"…when I think of the highly polluted condition of Ganga today, I wonder with immense sadness in my heart, why have we neglected and ill-treated our mother river like this?" Advani asked.

"Companies in the chemical industry should take a pledge to adopt strong anti-pollution measures," he said during a function here last night.

Many "enlightened" companies have already started doing so, he said, adding that "this must become your (chemical industry) national mission."

"Scientific research and development in chemistry and other related sciences should speedily find innovative and cost-effective ways to stop environmental degradation and to promote environmental regeneration," he said.

Time has come to integrate science, technology and material development with larger goals and ideals of human life, he added.