Olympics pool goes green — due to filtration problems

Rio de Janeiro: The colour of water of the Olympics diving pool has curiously changed from blue to green because of water purification system problems, organisers have said.

The water in the pool has changed colour because of a problem with filters that are not functioning properly on Tuesday, organisers said, adding that it was still unclear when the problem would be fixed, reports Tass.

The aqua blue waters of the Olympic diving pool turning to a bright green hue puzzled divers, organisers as well as the audience at large.

Among the many to be perplexed by the event is British diver Tom Daley, who won a bronze.

“Ermmm, what happened,” asked Daey, posting a picture on Twitter on Tuesday which showed the huge colour contrast with the adjacent pool being used for water polo.

The organisers affirmed the pool water was tested and posed no risk for athletes, but that has not stopped the internet from taking some guesses as to what could cause the discoloration.

From “algae” to “piss”, Twitterati have been coming out with various reasons for the pool going green. Nobody suggested “envy”, though.